The Approach

The production of ¡Que viva México! is one of the most complex projects of film reconstruction and restoration to be undertaken. With a wide spectrum of technical and aesthetic problems to be solved, this undertaking will encompass a wide range of creative decisions which can only be made by a highly specialized team. After years of intensive research a team led by the film historian and filmmaker Lutz Becker will be making a reconstruction according to Eisenstein’s original concept. He has spent years tracking down the physical location, access and rights to all unedited footage, scripts and notes of Eisenstein to enable an authentic interpretation and has gathered top-class talent with a deep commitment to the project.

¡Que viva México! will be assembled from a wealth of hitherto unedited original materials. The final film will have an approximate length of two hours.

The rights to the title and all the materials shot by Sergei Eisenstein in Mexico are owned by the Estate of the writer Upton Sinclair, who, together with his wife Mary Craig, financed the project in 1930/32. It is the Estate, represented by the New York law firm McIntosh and Otis Inc., which has granted an exclusive option covering world-wide rights to Lutz Becker and Felix von Moreau of Mexican Picture Partnership Ltd. to enable the creation of a faithful reconstruction of Eisenstein’s Mexican film. Once realized it will renew the understanding of the genius of Eisenstein and his great contribution to World Cinema.