This website introduces a special project of Mexican Picture Partnership Ltd. to reconstruct and restore Sergei Eisensteins’s unfinished cinematic masterpiece ¡Que viva Mexico!.

Sergei Eisenstein’s film ¡Que viva México!

A reconstruction made in Mexico

¡Que viva México! is Sergei Eisenstein's homage to Mexico. No other country in the world has had the privilege to be depicted on film with such intuitive understanding and artistic insight as Mexico has been by Eisenstein, one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema. The producers Lutz Becker and Felix von Moreau of Mexican Picture Partnership Ltd., London, aim to engage with partners in Mexico to realise the reconstruction of Eisenstein‘s unfinished film ¡Que viva México! in the spirit of creative collaboration.

Eisenstein and his cameraman Eduard Tissé shot ¡Que viva México! during 1931/32. The film, financed and produced by the American writer Upton Sinclair, was the only film the director was able to make outside the restrictions of the Soviet film industry. Early 1932 Eisenstein was ordered by Stalin to return to Russia; the film remained incomplete and unedited.

Made in Mexico.

There are important reasons to produce and edit this film in Mexico. As the film was created in the heart of Mexico, its re-creation must take place in the country of its conception. Inspired by the great Mexican muralists Eisenstein developed a valid and lasting cinematic iconography of modern Mexico. It is essential to interpret Eisenstein’s ideas and edit his images as faithfully as possible. Therefore we want to create a practical situation in which the film can be made in closest proximity to the original sites. Mexican Picture Partnership will work together with Mexican producers and advisors.

Eisenstein succeeded in making the first truly Mexican film.¡Que viva México! is one of the most influential Mexican films ever made and an integral part of the culture and mythology of modern Mexico.

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